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Hey guys, unfortunately we have to put our fees up due to price of our out goings up as of June 30th.

Our members that are on current memberships, their prices will not rise as our way to say thanks for being loyal to Bulldog Gym.

If you want to be apart of the current membership sign up before July 15th to take advantage of this offer.



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Here are some photos of our before and after results of our 8 week challenge.

Also we have photos of people who have done a few challenges in a row. 36E12B02-B9B3-4438-A388-74224182E69C 99C9CC54-F4E6-4BD7-BECD-C82B9901C86D 151D348B-3539-4529-9671-D208520BAA40 E648B289-C68C-4787-9D05-5B2DDAA9793F IMG_0255

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Well done to Shane losing a close fight. Looking the better fight he lost on a split point decision.A solid effort of Muay Thai shown


Very proud of his effort!IMG_3091 IMG_3092 IMG_3089