12805830_682545491888696_1102267193180664702_nBulldog Gym Brisbane is the best fighting gym in Brisbane. Our fighter training is invite only. You must have a strong foundation in Muay Thai techniques as well as have demonstrated the ability to spar with fight tactics and strategy. Strength of mind and commitment is essential. If you have fight experience you will still need to be assessed before you can fight for Bulldog.

Bulldog Gym has produced some great fighters. Up and coming fighters have the benefit of training with the experienced fighters in a fun, team driven environment. We all push each other to the limit, to achieve our ultimate goals.

At least once a year owner, Steve Guinane organises a training trip to Thailand to experience the culture and mix with some of the best Thai fighters in the world.

Fight training consists of 5-6 days a week training and cardio, healthy diet and lifestyle choices. As a fighter you need to exemplify what Muay Thai is all about and be a role model to others. If you think you have what it takes contact us.

Fighters trained by Steve
Jayden Tryhorn 23 fights

Sharna Myers 10 fights

Cayden Guinane 1 fight

Micky Brandy 1 fight

Luke Fraser    3 fights

Kayne Vernon    2 fights