Steve Guinane:

Steve Guinane is the owner and head trainer at Bulldog Gym Brisbane. Steve is a passionate and highly motivating trainer who has over 10 years experience in helping people achieve incredible results. Steve has successfully trained a range of ages and abilities from three to five years olds, to seventy years olds. His areas of expertise are personal training; Muay Thai, group training challenges (boot camps), cardio boxing, plyometric and explosive training, and high intensity interval training.

Steve’s clients get amazing results in the areas of improved fitness, fat loss, increased muscle tone and size, and improvements in overall health and diet. More importantly, his clients also come away with increased confidence, discipline and self esteem. Steve knows what it takes to get the results you desire and is committed to helping people embed fitness into their everyday lives.

Besides having a love for general health and fitness, Steve’s biggest passion is Muay Thai. Steve has been involved in Muay Thai since 2000 and has 10 fights under his belt, 8 of which he won while holding the state title. As a result of ongoing shin problems however, Steve was forced to retire from fighting. Retirement hasn’t stopped Steve though with his love and commitment to the sport still as strong as ever, Steve enjoys training up and coming fighters, furthering his knowledge of Muay Thai and taking regular trips to Thailand to train at some of the best Thai boxing camps. Steve is one of the best muay thai trainers in Brisbane.

Steve has also been involved in fight promotions and has extensive knowledge in various training methods which he has used to train fighters for both state and international fights.

If you want a trainer who can get the best from you in terms of your training and health and can help you reach your goals contact Steve on 0404 037 060.