Are you sick of paying for gym memberships and never seeing results? Are you a hard working professional that “doesn’t have the time” to exercise?

Then our 8 week Challenge is exactly what you need!

At Bulldog Gym Brisbane we run a Boot Camp Challenge every 8 weeks that is guaranteed to get you results (just check out our past success stories!). For a minimal time investment of 40 minutes, 4 days a week, you will see maximum results and change how you think about exercise and fitness.

Being a boot camp on Brisbane’s Northside means we’re close enough to work and home that you don’t need to worry about “trying to fit us in” your busy schedule. Enrolment in our Boot Camp Challenge is the first step to the perfect work-life balance you need.

Recovering from long working hours and finding energy to do the things you love on weekends is easier when your body is in optimal health. Each session of our Boot Camp Challenge involves a 10 minute dynamic warm up, 20 minutes of weight training (consisting of compound exercises), and 10 minutes of intense interval training.

Owner Steve will push you further than you thought possible and keep you interested and involved over the 8 weeks through testing and changed-up exercises.

If you’ve ever wanted to get fit but were scared that your investment wouldn’t pay off, this program is for you. At Bulldog Gym Brisbane, the premier Muay Thai Gym in Queensland, results are no maybe. Hurry and enrol for the next session today! Sessions fill up fast as we have a maximum of 8 participants.

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