Want to kick start every weekend with something new and fresh that will make you feel amazing and energized to the max? Every Saturday morning at 8 am.

No two Saturday’s are the same and you can expect to be pushed to your limits and see some amazing results. Our Saturday boot camps on Brisbane’s northside are known for being some of the toughest, but most rewarding boot camps you’ll find in Brisbane.

Bulldog Gym Brisbane’s Saturday boot camp consists of everything from plyometric training to calisthenics, hill training to sprint work, weights and even tyre flipping. You name it. Every Saturday is different.

At our boot camps you’ll not just get a unique workout in a friendly, supportive environment; you’ll also come away with some great results like fat loss, toning, better endurance and more self confidence in your own abilities. Every participant is 100% supportive of each other and will make sure every person gets the most out of each class.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or already at your peak, everyone is welcome to join us on Saturday’s for the meanest workout in Brisbane. See you there!