sparring classes in brisbane

The best sparring classes in Brisbane are run by Bulldog Gym Brisbane. Bulldog Gym Brisbane is conveniently located on Brisbane’s northside in Virginia. Participants are encouraged to have a general understanding of boxing which they can obtain through our beginner’s kick boxing classes. This understanding will help them focus on different sparring drills on offer such as:

– Non-contact drills: To improve footwork, range and strengthen cover
– Basic defence drills: To work on blocking, parrying, slip straights, ducking, and rockaway hooks
– Counterpunch drills: To help better time turn reaction responses
– Move and punch drills: To focus on best punch delivery practises
– Move with defence drills: To focus on punch compression and feints
– Complete sparring drills: For more advanced participants to practise and progress all their sparring techniques in a ring environment

Our sparring classes are essential for those wishing to progress their boxing skills to a more professional level, but they also provide a platform for a great and varied workout for those not professionally inclined. Sparring skills are key to self-defence so are perfect for anyone looking for build upon their self-defence knowledge.