thai boxing brisbane

The premier Muay thai boxing Brisbane establishment, Bulldog Gym Brisbane, will teach you how to use your body as the ultimate 8-prong weapon. Utilising hands, feet, and elbows, everyone who takes this class will be trained in proper technique and encouraged to reach their maximum fighting fit potential.

Did you know Muay Thai is considered to be the most effective stand up fighting art on Earth? Meaning that by taking our Thai Boxing classes on Brisbane’s northside, you will become a well-rounded fighter, able to defend themselves and others.

Muay Thai is also great for fitness and weight control. The workout consists of a warm up, strength and conditioning exercises, technique training, partner pad work and stretching to warm down muscles and avoid injury.

Light sparring is optional after the class for those interested (full protective kit must be worn).

So if you want to learn Muay Thai in an encouraging communal environment, and take your fitness to the next level, the Thai Boxing Brisbane class by Bulldog Gym Brisbane – the premier Muay thai Brisbane establishment – is for you.